No matter the season, there are plenty of things to do in Valemount. It’s unique location in the North Thompson Valley gives students access to all the natural wonders they can handle.

Nature at Your Doorstep

Valemount is located in the Robson Valley, near Mount Robson, the Rockies highest peak. Each season brings a new adventure, a new way to explore. We know you need to study; however, when you take a break, it’s great to know that nature is right outside your door, waiting for you to explore. Those taking the Mountain Adventure Tourism program will become well acquainted with the area.

Rafting the Fraser River near Valemount
Kelly Funk Photography

Summer in Valemount

The village of Valemount is bursting with things to do in the warmer months.

People here love to get together at events and celebrations. We have the Canoe Mountain Rodeo and Valemountain Days, as well as the vALEmountain Craft Beer Experience. There is a farmer’s market in the summer and the Robson Valley Music Festival.

Nature lovers can spend their summer days exploring the trails in and around the village. Take some time to go fishing, play a round of golf, explore the area by horseback, or chat with one of our local artists. Our residents are quite knowledgeable about the area and they are happy to share stories.

Winter in Valemount

When the snow falls, there are plenty of indoor and outdoor adventures to go on. Many of the hiking trails are perfect for winter snowshoe adventures. We also have some of the best snowmobile trails around.

There’s exciting cat and heli-skiing as well as snowboarding and dog sledding. Breathe in the crisp air and take some time to go cross-country skiing and ice skating. You can even gather your classmates and organize a game of pond hockey at Cranberry Marsh.

At Valemount College, we want to ensure your college experience is memorable as well as educational. You’ll graduate with valuable skills and memories to last a lifetime.

Kelly Funk Photography

Living in Valemount

The Village of Valemount has a population of 1,018 wonderful folks. We may be small, but there’s never a shortage of things to do or see.


As we transition into winter, I feel obligated to post some of our summer hikes. the edits may not be complete but done is better than perfect. I'd like to thank Ruby Hogg for always being a inspiration to me, also Kelsey Dawson & Nora Pastway for doing this 5 hour vertical hike on short notice. and a great big thanks to the girls! Arayah Tinsley-dawson & Taleigha-shea Tinsley-Dawson you two are amazing! Click that HD button

Posted by Danny Roberts on Sunday, 4 November 2018