Bursary and Grants Available

Our goal is to ensure every one of our students succeeds in their chosen field. Money should not be a barrier to success. Financial Aid and Awards may be available for Valemount College students, including scholarships, bursaries, grants and loans.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

Contact our financial aid advisor at 250-566-0067 or email us to learn about the different types of supports that may be available.

Grant for Columbia Basin, BC Residents

Accepted applicants from the Columbia Basin area may qualify for 75% of program costs, up to $7,500.

Program Costs with Columbia Basin Trust Grant

Students who qualify for both the bursary and the Columbia Basin Trust grant (CBT) will see a noticeable reduction in program costs.

ProgramProgram Cost After $2,000 Bursary Applied75% covered by CBTCost with Bursary and CBT Grant Applied
Tourism Administration$2,920-$2,190$730
Rural Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management$1,910-$1,432$478
First Nations Cultural Tourism$2,830-$2,123$707

These costs do not include Application and Registration Fees. For more information, please contact Valemount College.

Other Financial Aid

There are several other avenues to explore regarding financial aid for programs at Valemount College. We invite you to contact us directly to find out which ones will work best for you.


A scholarship is a financial award usually given to students based on their outstanding academic achievements. Recipients are not always expected to repay or work back the money they receive. Recipients are encouraged to write and send a thank-you letter to the donor.

Other Government Approved Bursaries

You are eligible to apply for government bursaries if you are:

  • Enrolled in a full-time post-secondary program at Valemount College during the bursary application period and have been approved by StudentAid BC.
  • A Canadian Citizen or Landed Immigrant or Permanent Resident
  • A new student, or continuing student who has successfully completed your last full-time period of study (C grades or higher)
  • Not on a co-op/internship work term
  • Able to demonstrate financial need

Student Loans

A student loan is a type of loan designed to help students pay for post-secondary education and the associated fees, such as tuition, books and supplies, and living expenses.

Students may search the following resources as part of their post-secondary funding research:

  • StudentAidBC
    BC Government service with links to a variety of bursaries and grants available to students.
  • Student Grants
    Government of Canada service connecting students with grants to help finance your post-secondary education.
  • First Citizens Fund Student Bursary Program
    Provided through the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centre, this bursary program provides funding to students of Aboriginal ancestry to help support their post-secondary education.
  • Scholarships Canada
    Free service that connects students with 99,000 awards. The awards are worth more than $199-million to help students achieve their post-secondary goals.

Provincial and Federal Student Loans

If you are registered in either full or part time post-secondary level courses (numbered 100 or higher), you may be eligible for student loans and/or grants. Provincial and Federal/Canada Student Loans are available for students in need. Learn more at these websites:

Can Learn can be used for applications by non-BC residents and has information for applying for a Canada Student Loan.

Each province or territory offers financial support for students. Application should be made from your home territory or province.

To reach your educational goals, planning is needed for the duration of your program. Plan ahead and prepare a budget to ensure that you control spending and your finances do not run out before your program does!