The Simpcw are a culturally proud community, valuing healthy, holistic lifestyles based upon respect, responsibility, and continuous participation in growth and education.”

Valemount College is located on the traditional territory of the Simpcw First Nation. We proudly acknowledge our traditional hosts and thank them for welcoming students to continue seeking knowledge here.

The Simpcw people speak a western dialect of Secwepemctsin (the language of the Secwepemc or Sushwap people). Their territory extends over an impressive 5,000,000 Ha of land stretching from North of McLure to the headwaters of the Fraser River near McBride, and from Tête Jaune Cache over to Jasper and South to the headwaters of the Athabasca River.

The Simpcw people were traditionally known for their hunting abilities. They hunted wildlife to dry and store for food over the winter months, and during summer collected vegetation for food and medicine. Much of the Simpcw culture centres on the gathering of local plants and animals for survival.

Valemount College is proud to enhance our students learning and education of our First Nations partners culture through our First Nations Cultural Tourism Certificate Program as well as within courses in our other programs that include indigenous content.